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How to Use Gel Stain (A Frame Tutorial)

How to Use Gel Stain (A Frame Tutorial) - I shared our office dining space a couple weeks ago (pictured above), and one item that made the biggest impact was large scale art from my best friend, Laurie Anne. I ended up ordering a natural, unfinished, maple frame from her website that perfectly fit the art. It also allowed me the opportunity to choose whatever finish color I wanted. I immediately landed on stain, in an effort to color match my vintage bentwood cane chairs, as well as to add some much needed warmth to our commercial office space. I shared some behind-the-scenes on Instagram as we were tackling this project, and so many of you asked for a tutorial on using gel stain! It might be my favorite way to use stain- especially for projects like this. If you’re curious how it works, click through for the tutorial and for tips on applying stain, in general. Continue Reading

Noteworthy : Room for Tuesday Blog Update -


If you showed up here yesterday wondering where I was, I’m sorry… the answer is still in bed with bronchitis. This morning, Emmett and I were supposed catch a flight to Hilton Head for a tour of the 2020…

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diy projects

Framed Block Print Fabric Art

Hey guys! Jacqueline here. It’s no secret I love a good DIY project, and what better time to do one than in the middle of winter when you’re stuck in the house dreaming of warmer weather! I am nearing…

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A Special Gift for My Guy

It’s been a wonderful, tough, exciting, exhausting few months since moving to Utah. I haven’t publicly shared that Emmett has been commuting to and from the Midwest for work since moving here. It’s so weird not having him around for weeks…



I have a serious obsession with art. You’ve probably seen my Artist Spotlight series, and you already know my favorite design element in a room is the artwork. Sourcing these pieces is the fun part, but many people score a…