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My Top 5 Foundation Pieces for Interior Styling

My Top 5 Foundation Pieces for Interior Styling - I get a LOT of questions about styling. The truth is- it is something that has always come naturally to me, and I spend a lot of time moving things around because it brings me joy and stress relief. I’m constantly composing vignettes and switching things up in our home, just for fun.¬†Emmett catches little nuances, asking “Wasn’t that there the other day?!” In addition to playing mind games with my husband, it’s just a fun hobby of mine that eventually turned into my job. Styling really isn’t difficult- especially when you have a good foundation and formula to work from. I thought it may be helpful to break down my top five foundation pieces for interior styling in a blog post. Any guesses what they are? Trays, books, vessels, art, and objects. These pieces work for styling year round, and might come in handy this holiday season once you’re ready to decorate. Click through!

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