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My Favorite Hot Chocolate Recipe

the-best-hot-chocolate Obviously I’m a fan of chocolate. I can’t trust people who don’t like chocolate. It’s just not natural. Ha! In all seriousness, one of the main reasons I look forward to winter and the holidays every year is because I get to make this decadent hot chocolate. It’s my go-to recipe! Most of you probably don’t know, I used to work for a luxury chocolate company. I was the in-house designer and with that job duty came A LOT of taste testing. All this to say (even though I hate to admit it), my time there sort of turned me into a chocolate snob. I was introduced to “sipping chocolate” and I have not been able to look at hot chocolate the same since. Sipping chocolate is basically an uber thick, high quality chocolate that is melted in milk… none of the pre-made powdery stuff. Here’s how I make my own hot chocolate (or sipping chocolate)… the right way.  Continue Reading