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My Favorite Things About Our Smart Home System

My Favorite Things About Our Smart Home System - Back in October, I shared our smart home and security system for the first time. About this time last year, we had a break in and opted to get security shortly after (read my initial post here). Fast forward to present time, we’ve been living with our smart home system for almost a year (10 months, to be exact), and I wanted to share my favorite things about it. I’ll admit, I’m not a techy type of person. In fact, I’ve had a new phone sitting in the box on my desk for months because I’m dreading switching things over from my current phone (even though Emmett assures me it’s a breeze). Don’t judge me, friends. I am who I am. I’m just not tech savvy, I don’t have a strong interest to learn, I’m pretty stuck in my ways, and honestly- I’m ok with that. However, despite my lack of enthusiasm for tech… I really do love our smart home system and use it multiple times each day. It’s easy, efficient, and makes life run more smoothly. It’s something I didn’t know I needed, wanted, or how much use it would actually get, until we had it installed. If you’ve been considering any smart home tech, I thought I’d share my favorite features from ours… the things we use most often and really appreciate. Click through to read about it, if you’d like. I also have some codes for free gadgets (like a doorbell cam, if you’re in the market)Continue Reading

Our Security System -

Our Security System

Many of you requested a blog post on this topic and I was happy to oblige, but I wanted to live with our security system for a few months before discussing it in detail (and making recommendations). For those…


Logi Circle Home Security Camera Giveaway!

There are two very obvious topics we love talking about here at Room for Tuesday- good design and our dogs. A pairing that doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand, but nonetheless have a big influence on our lives. I was super…