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Our New Roof

Our New Bartile Roof - Last year, we had a record breaking wind storm roll through our neighborhood. My friend who works as a local meteorologist said they clocked winds of 110mph in my area, and here I thought we moved away from tornado alley when we relocated to Utah. While tornadoes don’t typically occur here, the wind storm did some significant damage to our home… which actually ended up working out rather well for us, if I’m being honest. Our previous roof was original to the home, which was built in the mid 90s. Being 25-30 years old, we moved in knowing we’d need to replace it sooner rather than later. Our home inspector guesstimated in one to two years time, we’d need to budget for a full replacement. A couple years after moving in, the wind storm hit our house. I spent an entire day picking up shingles from our yard and cul-de-sac… I had piles of shingles that were ripped from our roof. Immediately after the storm, we reported it to our home insurance, the adjuster came out, assessed the damage, and luckily they were able to cover the majority of the cost for a new roof. Again, it kind of felt like we won the lottery because the roof needed replaced anyway. As promised, I’m sharing that entire journey in a big blog post! Click through for some crazy before and after images, a couple home insurance tips, to learn more about the roof tiles we selected, and why we eventually landed on a Bartile roof.  Continue Reading