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My “Prop” Closet + Thoughts on Unpacking

My Prop Closet + Thoughts on Unpacking - I’m about to take you inside my favorite room in our house! Spoiler alert… it’s a closet, but not just ANY closet. It’s the place where all of my treasures are currently existing. I’m not quite sure how this closet was coined “the prop closet”- I think that was Emmett’s doing, because the goods that fill this space aren’t exactly “props”. Sure, I use them for styling our home and decorating, but I also hand picked every single item in this room and the majority of them have meaning. Emmett and I have collected things from our travels, received gifts from friends, and these are the accessories that have moved from home to home with us. Upon moving into our new house, I shoved everything into this shelf-lined closet, knowing things would be safe and protected amongst unpacking and endless renovating. That led me to ponder, why are they still here? Click through for a peek into my “prop” closet and my thoughts on unpacking and decorating as of lately… Continue Reading