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Best of Etsy : Intaglios

Best of Etsy : Intaglios - Hi everyone, happy Friday! I’ve got a fun Best of Etsy post for you today, featuring one of my favorite types of art: intaglios. Have you noticed more of these displayed in your feed lately? I think they’re definitely gaining popularity, but these plaster or stone engravings, etchings, casts, or reliefs have been around forever. Over a decade ago, I remember standing in front of Pitti Tondo at the Museo Nazionale del Bargello in Italy being totally mesmerized by Michelangelo’s work. I spent hours in front of it for a class project with my sketch book and charcoal trying to capture this three dimensional work on paper. That was the first time I had seen such a large casting relief in person (it measures almost 32″ round). Since then, intaglios & reliefs have been on my design radar. These unique and gorgeous works don’t just belong in museums- I love seeing them displayed as art in our homes. Intaglios are a great way to add interest, texture, and dimension to your art collection and walls. Click through to see some really beautiful ones I found on Etsy this month…  Continue Reading