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Design Discussion : Color Blocking

Design Discussion : Color Blocking -  It this month’s Design Discussion post, I wanted to talk about color blocking. It doesn’t seem super controversial, but believe me when I say- the most messages I’ve ever received about a makeover (both positive and negative) was in regards to our previous hallway. I decided to color block the entire hall in an effort to make it more interesting and chic. I used neutral colors (nothing too crazy), and after the reveal, the messages began flooding in. Some people LOVED it. Some people HATED it. Haha! That comes with the territory and is kind of the fun thing about design… thinking outside the box, presenting new ideas, challenging design rules, creating a home that feels unique, and making an interesting statement that feels like you. Anyway, I’m diving into all things color blocking today and I’d love for you to weigh in! Click through for inspiration, my personal opinion, and my thoughts on whether this is a trend or lasting paint technique that is here to stay.  Continue Reading