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One Small Thing : Bottled Water

One Small Thing : Bottled Water - Last month I shared the first post in a challenge my friend Susan, from House of Brinson, started. We’re calling it “One Small Thing”, and each month myself along with a talented bunch of blogging friends have vowed to share one tiny thing we’re changing to better our health, wellness, sustainability, or the environment. Last month, I shared my coveted sugar scrub recipe for healthy skin. This month, I tackled a topic I’m admittedly embarrassed to share. As I mentioned last time, I’m honestly (and obviously) not the most “green” or perfect person on the planet. Sure- I recycle and try to do my best when it comes to the environment, but I vowed to make a conscious effort to do better… so that’s exactly what I’m doing. Even if that means sharing a dirty little secret, so here it goes: Emmett and I have been known to purchase bottled water. We have our everyday reusable water bottles, which we use most of the time, but every once in awhile we find ourselves sneaking into old habits or buying plastic bottled water out of convenience (for trips, parties, etc). I know, I know… it’s the worst of the worst. I’m happy to admit, those days are done and we’re committed to doing our part. Click through to read about how we made the change and a couple products we’ve found that are equally as convenient, if not more… Continue Reading