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How to Navigate LED Lighting + A Giveaway from GE

Replacing Lights to LED These days the lighting aisle is increasingly difficult to navigate. I’ve had numerous requests from readers asking if I could share how I choose LED, efficient lighting, that is warm and bright- yet inviting. That’s easier said than done! Efficiency is a big issue for Emmett, myself, and our home, especially since moving to Salt Lake City where air quality is a huge issue. We experienced inversion (air pollution in the valley) for the first time this winter and it really opened our eyes. Our main goal when renovating is to make our house the best it can be… that includes power, electric, water, and gas- right down to the insulation and lightbulbs. I’m thrilled to announce I’m partnering with GE Lighting in honor of Earth Day (which I LOVE celebrating) to update the lighting in one lucky reader’s entire home. That’s right- a complete house will be updated with LED lighting for the best and most efficient outcome possible! Click through to get my lighting tips and enter the giveaway. Continue Reading