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Snow Day Hot Cocoa Cupcakes

Snow Day Hot Cocoa Cupcakes - On Monday, my plan was to shoot a DIY furniture upholstery post, but it snowed A LOT here. As I was almost ready to get started with the project, I realized I was out of staples and couldn’t exactly leave to go grab some. I was snowed in for the day, which is just fine considering I work from home, but it put a damper on my photoshoot plans. Despite the day not going as expected, I was feeling festive and decided to spend my lunch hour making one of my favorite snow day treats. It’s fun to pretend like you’re a carefree kid again when it snows. Ha! There’s something magical about a snow day that kind of does that to a person. Anyway, these cupcakes were too pretty not to share and I love shooting food, so if you’re interested- try these hot cocoa cupcakes or pin them for your next snow day! Click through for the recipe… Continue Reading

food & recipes

Birthday Cake

Last month, I posted inspiration recipes for Kalyn’s birthday cake. I decided to set my goals high and make a tall layer cake; after all, you only turn 24 once! Chocolate malts are one of K’s favorites and I…