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My Garden Tour

My Garden Tour - My timing is actually perfect for today’s garden tour because exactly one year ago, I shared our side yard garden DIY with you! When we moved in, we had this odd side yard that was overgrown, housed our HVAC units, and was just a non functioning eyesore. Emmett & I love spending time outside and we always try to use every inch of our outdoor space. The side yard felt like such a missed opportunity. We decided to tackle a little makeover and turn the space into our garden area. We installed a raised bed, relocated the overgrown plants, put down marble chips, fenced the HVAC units, and turned it into an area for potted plants, vegetables, and herbs. Last year, we tried to tackle the space on a major budget and I used planters that were left behind by the previous homeowners, but this year I was able to curate a more cohesive collection- to better execute what I had initially envisioned. Want to see how things are looking this year? Click through for the tour!  Continue Reading

DIY Herb Garden -
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DIY Herb Garden

Since we’ve had really nice weather here lately, Emmett and I have been doing a TON of yard work and outdoor tasks. One thing we wanted to accomplish this spring was putting out a little garden. I’ll have that…