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Trend Alert : Waterfall Edge

This really isn’t a new “trend”, but it is a feature I wanted to highlight if you’re building or renovating a kitchen or bath anytime soon. If you’re remember wayyyyy back to last August, I had just finished the design plan for my friend Joanna (of Jojotastic’s) kitchen. Then I shared my tile selections for her back in September, and although her renovation has taken much longer than she expected, it’s safe to say- we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Her countertops I picked from my favorite stone source, Polycor, were just installed and they are nothing short of stunning. All of this to say, I designed a waterfall edge countertop feature for her and it’s gorgeous, so I thought this was a fitting time to reaffirm my love for this particular trend. You can catch a sneak peek of Joanna’s kitchen (shown above). In the meantime, click through to view some inspiring examples of waterfall edges, and to read about why this is one of the most functional “trends” you can implement. Continue Reading