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Roundup: Classic Cloisonné

Good day, design friends! Peggi here. How are you? Can you believe we’re approaching the end of September? Tempes fugit. While you’re sipping that pumpkin spice latte, I thought we could chat about cloisonné. (pronounced klwa-zaw-nay) This technique involves adhering thin metal ribbons to a surface, creating spaces which are filled with enamel paste. The item is then fired and polished. The resulting intricately decorated enamelware caught my eye years ago. I own several small pieces, but I don’t have the focus nor the discipline of a true collector. Call me a fancier. I do, however, enjoy researching my finds, and I had quite the interweb meander preparing for this post. (One article took a confoundingly metallurgical turn and lost me completely.) Click through if you’d like to know a bit more about cloisonné and to view some stunning examples.

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