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Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett’s Workplace) : Part 1

Mapleleaf Offices (Emmett's Workplace) : Part 1 - When we moved from Ohio to Utah almost four years ago, we moved without the security of jobs waiting for us on the other side of the country. Of course being self-employed and owning my small business meant I could pretty much work from anywhere, but we had no idea what Emmett’s employment future looked like. Believe it or not- outside of renovating our house, he has a regular nine to five job. I know, I know… he is a superstar! He basically has two full-time jobs. His degree and employment areas of expertise are in business management, finance, and accounting. Luckily, a few months after we settled in Utah (in our previous home), he landed an interview with a local company called Mapleleaf. I could tell he was really excited about this opportunity. Here we are years later, the company has been growing & evolving, and Emmett has worked his way up the ladder to COO. I’m extremely proud of Emmett and his co-workers for their success, that’s why I was pretty elated when the owner of the company asked me to help in designing their new office space. We’ve become friends over the past few years and I felt so honored that he trusted me to help. Their new building is huge, so I decided to break this blog post into two parts because I ended up with a LOT of reveal images. Today, I’m sharing the first level! Click through for a peek at Emmett’s company office and the first part of the big reveal. You’ll find a reception area, reception seating, the conference room, the employee break room, and a reception bathroom. Ready to see and hear all about it? This post is a big one!

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