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5 Tips for Renovating with Your Significant Other

5 Tips for Renovating with Your Significant Other - roomfortuesday.comHappy Valentine’s Day! I thought it would be fitting to share 5 tips for renovating with your significant other. I’m often asked how Emmett and I work so well together. Surviving remodeling projects and keeping your relationship happy & healthy is super important…. not that we have everything totally figured out, but I will say- we make a great team and with a few houses under our belt, I think we work really well together!¬†After all- they say if you can renovate or remodel with your S/O, then you’re golden and can essentially make it through anything. It can be challenging. I’m not sure if that’s totally true, but I wouldn’t want to do this alongside anyone else. On a side note- it’s obvious we need to take more photos together in our current home. These are all from our first house and we only have one holiday photo from our previous home. I’m adding fam photos to the to-do list RIGHT NOW. Ha! Anyway- click through for my tips. Continue Reading