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Painting Our Balcony Columns

Painting Our Balcony Columns - I have a confession… I’ve been using a little Photoshop magic to adjust a tiny detail on our bedroom balcony (I know, I know). Any guesses? Some of you have noticed the discrepancy in my IG stories in the past. It’s the columns, which was probably given away by the post title. It has been on my to-do list forever! The capitals on our columns were a putty yellow color. They have been annoying me since we moved in. I’m not sure if someone forgot to paint those or if they’ve yellowed over time, but no other columns (and we have quite a few) on our home have yellow capitals. FYI… the “capital” is the top part of a column. It comes from the Latin word “caput”, which means head. Anyway, the balcony columns looked terrible and I have no idea why it took me THIS LONG to finally paint them, but it did. I got on a ladder, and finally decided to cover the icky yellow once and for all. Please tell me I’m not alone in putting off those tiny pesky projects? Click through to see some pretty good before & after images and for tips on tackling similar projects.  Continue Reading