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Color Matching Our Kitchen Cabinets (+Painting Tips)

Color Matching Our Kitchen Cabinets (+Painting Tips) - roomfortuesday.comI get two questions in my direct messages and inbox multiple times each day…. #1: Do you use teeth whitener and what kind? and #2: What color are your current kitchen cabinets? Haha! The teeth question always gives me a good giggle (I’ve never whitened and just use plain toothpaste- so I think most are disappointed in that answer), but I felt the second, design-related question, deserved a blog post. After thousands of requests for my kitchen cabinetry color, I thought having a permanent resource link to share would be helpful for everyone. In this post, I’ve color matched my kitchen cabinetry using multiple popular paint brands and I’m also sharing some cabinetry painting tips. Click through for the colors and for my tips! Continue Reading