Sarah & Emmett


SARAH GIBSON  //  Founder, Designer, Creative

Welcome! I’m Sarah- creator of Room for Tuesday. I am currently living with my husband, Emmett, in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m a designer by trade, art lover, small business owner, and all around creative. In early 2014, I yearned for a carefree creative outlet while working in a corporate design environment and Room for Tuesday was born. I’ve been loving every minute of making new friends, sharing inspiration, renovating, and dreaming big over here in my corner of the internet since starting this blog.

Emmett and I are currently renovating our third home in Salt Lake City. I’m pretty sure we’ll be renovating until the end of time. These days, you can find me tackling projects and running the blog full-time. I also curate & operate an interior decor shop called, Tuesday Made, with my husband Emmett! In my spare time, I enjoy spending time outdoors, seeking adventure, traveling, entertaining, snuggling our dogs, and thrifting.

I’ve been featured in Elle Décor, Domino Magazine, and Architectural Digest to name a few… but if you’re interested in press, see the full list here.

Find me (and say hello) on: instagram | pinterest | twitter  … I love making new friends!

EMMETT GIBSON  //  DIY Guy, Handyman, Accountant by Day

Emmett is the muscle behind every single one of our projects and renovations. I dream up crazy design plans and he somehow brings them to life. I’m pretty sure he can build any and everything! He continues to amaze me and expand his skillset. Emmett and I tackle every single one of our renovating projects from start to finish. Although I’m certain he wishes he could build cool stuff and renovate on the daily, he has a full-time job crunching numbers and managing a local cabinetry company- which he really loves.

At Tuesday Made, Emmett is our shipping, fulfillment, and operations guru. He keeps our small shop and team in line and functioning like a well-oiled machine.

In his spare time he enjoys kayaking, hiking, and skiing. You’ll see his posts from time-to-time on the blog, but he doesn’t love writing or drafting content, so I typically shoot, edit, and write 99% of our posts… although he has gotten much more comfortable being in front of the camera after all these years of blogging.

You can find Emmett on: instagram | pinterest

We’re so happy you’re here!