My Go-To Formula for Styling a Bed

Yes, I make our bed every single day. My preference is to keep things quick, easy, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. Click through if you’d like to see my process…


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A good sheet set is really the foundation for a comfortable and well-styled bed. In a guest space I stick to classics like cotton, percale, linen, or tencel.


Coverlet or Matelassé

Depending on the season, I like to layer a lightweight coverlet or matelassé over the top sheet. In the next step, I use a lightweight duvet insert.

Duvet or Quilt

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I’ll layer on the duvet. This one is a basic, white cotton option with a very lightweight down insert. It makes a great base for layering and adding some loft, making the bed look nice & plush.

Blanket or Throw

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I enjoy incorporating a blanket or throw at the foot of the bed for practicality purposes… I style throws differently depending on the size and texture.

Sleeping Pillows

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It’s just nice to have options or give guests the ability to choose their preference. They’re also nice for propping yourself up to read or watch TV.

Nice bedding is a simple luxury that can really make you feel good. I’m curious- do you make your bed everyday? I feel like it’s a pretty common thing, but I could be wrong!