How to Antique a Mirror with Paint… The Easy Way

Click through for my tutorial on how to antique a mirror with paint, from the front side… no harsh chemicals, no messy paint stripper, no rubber gloves needed, and it only took 20 minutes per mirror.

Clean the Mirror

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First, make sure the mirror is really clean. I just used Windex with a towel, but any glass cleaner will work.


Begin with the Spray Bottle

I mixed a heavy squeeze of black paint, silver, and chocolate with 4-5 tablespoons of water, and shook it vigorously in my spray bottle.

Use a Textured Brush with Water

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Dip the heavily textured brush in a little water, soak the excess with a towel, and then begin pulling the paint downward on the mirror.

Add Warmth Around the Perimeter

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I mixed up some more metallic paint: chocolate, a little gold, and a hint of black…

Add A Tiny Amount of Spray Paint

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The last step is honestly optional, but I lightly sprayed (just a mist) mirrored spray paint over the entire mirror.

I’m glad I didn’t spend time and money on the chemicals and paint stripper to tackle it the traditional way.