Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Swatches


Click through for some of my current favorite Benjamin Moore swatches- or definitely pin them for later! I’m keeping this post short, sweet, and informative. I hope it’s fun and helpful!

Good white paint

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Good white paint can be tricky to select! I’m familiar with and have used most of these back in my interior design days for clients.


Charcoal slate

Charcoal Slate is perfect if you want to go a bit lighter, Witching Hour almost skews black, and Dark Pewter nearly has a green undertone.

Medium green hues

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These green swatches have a bit more blue in them and feel a little more punchy (less muted). They’re all really lovely in person, but my favorite is Enchanted Forest.

Gold and muted marigold

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If you’re not into the idea of an entire room painted in a golden color, think of a piece of furniture or the backside of a door. It could be really fun!

Creamy neutrals

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Benjamin Moore is known for their creamy neutrals and they never disappoint! It was very difficult to narrow down my favorites in this batch.

I hope this post was helpful and gets your wheels turning when it comes to your next paint project!