Faux Fireplace DIY & Styling Tutorial


I’m back to share my DIY faux fireplace – how I designed it, how it was built and installed, and how I’ve styled it for the season ahead.

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My Decor Items...

Faux Fur Material

...and more.

Planning & Designing

Setup Your Workspace


I started by measuring potential fireplace and TV sizes with tape. I left some room for our drapes on either side.


Selecting Materials

After searching some local stone fabricators, we found a neutral colored quartz remnant that could be cut to the size we wanted.


Setup Your Workspace


I came up with the design, and my dad worked out how to make it a reality. Then we added a top and decorative moulding.


Setup Your Workspace


First, we removed the baseboard that was in our way, and laid the quartz hearth on the floor, centered between the windows.

Keep it minimal. A few stacks of books, a couple scented candles,.

Faux Fireplace Styling Ideas

I’ve been so happy with the end result and have lots of fun switching up the styling every so often.