Entryway Renovation : Painted Stripes


This renovation has been two years in the making! We went back and forth on whether to tackle the paint ourselves, or to hire it out… and ultimately landed on the latter. I’m so happy we did.

Paint Colors

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I struggled to choose paint colors for the this project. I landed on two colors by Benjamin Moore for the stripes: White Chocolate for the lighter color, and Royal Silk for the darker color.


Designing the Stripes

The stripe layout came much easier to me than selecting swatches. Somehow, they perfectly centered them in the space, and there is not a single weird striped moment to be found.

The Upstairs Hallway

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I decided to have those walls painted a solid color (Royal Silk, the darker of the two), instead of continuing the striped pattern.

That’s where we’re at! We should be arriving home to painted stairs. I’m excited to begin sourcing runners and styling.