Basement Bar Reveal

I am very excited to share our basement bar reveal with you today! I’ll share all the details, sources, and design decisions in the post, so click through for the complete tour!

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My Decor Items...

Faux Fur Material

...and more.

Before Images & Project Goals

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I wanted to lean into creating a cozy, quiet, and functional bar… a place to hangout, sit comfortably, have a drink, play games, snack, and enjoy down time.


Renovation Updates

We are replacing the plastic laminate countertop. We’re going to be replacing all of our basement carpet with this, room-by-room.

Open and Closed Storage

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We found a vintage hutch that we built-in to match the cabinetry. It created such a nice focal point, has quickly become my favorite feature.


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I think the refrigerator really makes this space! The only other appliance we kept in this space is our Aarke carbonator.


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After finding some decent vintage options, I finally landed on what I think are the perfect barstools for this space.

The Sink

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We decided to keep the existing sink. Our previous faucet was broken and the sink had not been functional in over a year.

Bar Styling

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Styling is always my favorite part of renovating… adding the finishing touches! I had a fantastic time filling our vintage hutch with our beautiful barware.

I can’t wait to hear what you think! I’m hoping to have that reveal for you by the end of the month!