15 Best Home Decor Finds from World Market for 2024


For this month’s shopping trip, I decided to spend some time scouring their home decor and round up some essentials. Click through for 15 of my best home decor finds from World Market for 2024.

White Marble Lazy Susan

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I actually have and love this white marble lazy susan. It lives in my kitchen next to the range, and you can’t beat the price and functionality…


Wood Pepper Grinder

These also come in natural wood and rival the fancy French pepper mills from Williams-Sonoma… but are 1/6th of the price.

Enameled Cast Iron Cookware

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These heavy and substantial enameled cast iron dutch ovens are an easy and affordable essential.

Marble Salt Cellar

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World Market’s marble is impressively beautiful and inexpensive. They have a variety of nice marble kitchen goods, but the lidded salt cellars stood out to me…

Wood Cooking Utensils

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Wood cooking utensils are not only beautiful, but functional… the in-store display featured all olive wood varieties.

I hope you enjoyed this one! Let me know in the comment section which store you’d like me to shop next month…