10 Classic Home Essentials From Etsy


You can find 10 of my best tips for cutting in a perfectly smooth and clean line. Click through for a confidence booster and a little painting pep talk… plus, a fun giveaway.

Invest in a High Quality Brush

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I prefer the angular version, but it’s a great brush that produces a sharp, crisp line with minimal brush strokes.


Skip the Painters Tape

I’ve found that painters tape doesn’t do a great job to begin with, and I’m able to achieve better results with my trusted brush.

Lightly Load Your Brush & Keep It Clean

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I only use the bottom quarter of the brush when cutting in… and make sure it’s not dripping! An overloaded brush can get messy and doesn’t create that crisp line.

Don’t Start Exactly on the Line

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Pull back about a quarter of an inch to begin with, then slowly move closer as you gain control of the brush.

Fan Out The Bristles & Apply Even Pressure

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As you’re dragging your brush down the line or edge, apply gentle even pressure, fanning the top bristles slightly as you pull the brush.

You’ve got this! Let me know if you have any questions- I’m always happy to help.