10 Classic Home Essentials From Etsy


This post containing 10 classic home essentials from Etsy is coming at the perfect time!. Click through for the post, to peruse my favorites, and to see what I’ve been shopping for…

Vintage Rugs

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I’m sure you saw this one coming. Etsy is one of the most affordable sources for high quality vintage rugs.


Custom Drapery

If you don’t have a local seamstress or workroom, there are so many talented people who offer classic and designer fabrics with a variety of styles.

Vintage & Original Artwork

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I’ve purchased over 30 works of art from Etsy over the years, and each one has been a pleasant surprise.

Marble Goods

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Take it from someone who buys and sells a lot of marble (shop owner here), the prices on Etsy are good- like wholesale good. I

Monogrammed Textiles

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Pillowcases, bath linens, lampshades, serveware, etc. These all live within my favorites folder…

I appreciate an affordable outlet for vintage, custom made items, and it’s nice to support creative makers from around the world.