Winter Tradition : Holiday Cards

Each holiday season, I look forward to creating our Christmas cards. Click through for a peek at my process and our fun holiday card tradition this year.

Cards and Envelopes

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I never order our envelopes with printed addresses, but that’s an option if you’re short on time or aren’t into the idea of addressing them yourself.


Wax Seal

My favorite part of sending mail and holiday cards is applying our wax seal. I have multiple stamps with a variety of designs.

Applying Wax Seal

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You can apply the wax seal in a couple different ways… my preferred way is to melt wax in a vessel over a candle, pour it onto the envelope, and then press the seal.


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As far as addressing goes, I always use a permanent Sharpie brush pen. It won’t bleed if your mail gets wet, it shows up against most colored envelopes, and it’s fun to write with.

I’m hoping that our cards aren’t returned to sender, as I had no idea wax seals added extra postage.