Tips for Making a Cold Bathroom Feel Cozy

There are plenty of tricks to make those cold bathrooms feel cozy. Click through for my best tips for making a cold bathroom feel cozy… in terms of temperature AND design.

Install Heated Flooring

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Having heated flooring not only warms the floor, but the overall temperature of the room.


Add Luxury Textiles

One of the easiest ways to add warmth and comfort to a cold bathroom is by adding textiles. Think about the sensory experience that might help your bathroom feel more inviting.

Use a Towel Warmer

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I absolutely LOVE having a towel warmer and will definitely be adding these to all of our bath renovations moving forward.

Incorporate Plumbing Fixtures with Warm Finishes

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This is a design trick for making a space look warmer than it actually is… choose plumbing fixtures in a warm finish– such as nickel or brass.

Use Warm Tones Throughout

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If you have a cold bathroom, in terms of temperature… try painting the walls a light to medium warm tone.

It’s times like this when I’m especially thankful we went the extra mile to make this space feel nice, toasty, and super comfortable.