The Easiest Indoor Plants that Thrive in Low Light

Click through for expert recommended easy indoor house plants that actually thrive in low light conditions… and to see which plant I landed on to break my streak!

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Tolerate vs Thrive

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A plant that tolerates low light will only survive for so long- and supplementation is necessary to keep it alive. A plant that is better suited for low light, indoor conditions will thrive…


Plants That Thrive in Low Light Indoor Conditions

– Dracaena  – Zamioculcas (Zz Plant) – Aspidistra – Philodendron

The Best Low Light Tree for Indoors: Dracaena

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The dracaena really does look nice in our living room and it seems happy in the corner.

I do hope my dracaena gets curvy and little weird as it grows. I’m sure the longer I live with it, the more I’ll learn about it!