The Camper Reveal

I’m excited to share the camper reveal with you today! This was actually a pretty spontaneous project that has been a lot of fun. Click through to check it out!

If you’re hunting for an easy or beginner sewing project this winter- or for your holiday decor… this cozy faux fur lumbar pillow is one to save and try!

My Decor Items...

Faux Fur Material

...and more.

Pattern mixing

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I also did a lot of pattern mixing in the camper. I tried to pull in a lot of pattern within the textiles to make things feel more interesting.



In regards to the decor, I primarily used things I already had on hand. How do you hang in art in a camper, you might ask? We used a LOT of velcro!

Countertop and sink

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I’m a fan of a big single basin sink, so we grabbed a discounted sink from a local outlet, and used solid surface remnant slabs for the countertop.


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I also tried to squeeze the maximum amount of functionality from the kitchenette- using every nook, cranny, and negative space.

Here’s to lots of fun adventures & memories in this thing! We’re already scheming more road trips.