Small Coffee Table Makeover

Click through for a wild makeover of my small coffee table, a new favorite product for bleaching wood, and for some DIY drama, ha!

Strip the coffee table

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It required a couple coats, but did a fantastic job- and helped saved us a ton of time from sanding those intricate braided, twisted, and carved details.


Bleach the wood

We will definitely be using this stuff again! If you’re trying to lighten wood or remove warm or cool undertones- this stuff works wonders.

Stain the table

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Emmett got going and stained the tabletop white, albeit a little premature because I hadn’t been given the formal “go ahead” just yet.


Finishing coat

Emmett followed the stain with a quick-dry poly to give it a nice gloss and durability- especially since it’s living in a guest room that is frequently used.

Hopefully you enjoyed this makeover post… Now that our family has stayed in the space and used it in a “finished” sense, I can definitely say the table worked out really well.