How to Order & Replace An Interior Door

I wanted to share how to order and replace an interior door…Click through for an inside look at the process, cost, installation, and design selection…

Measure the Existing Door

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There are a handful of precise measurements you need to take, so grab a pen & paper to make a diagram and jot down your dimensions…


Determine the Door Swing

First you’ll need to determine the door swing. Hopefully this diagram offers an easy visual explanation.

Measure the Door Length, Width, and Depth

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Measure the door from top-to-bottom and side-to-side, keeping the measuring tape as straight or level as possible.

Measure Hinge Size

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Measure from the top of the hinge to the bottom of the hinge to determine your hinge size. Hinge sizes are 3″, 3 1⁄2″, or 4″.

Measure Hinge Location

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Next, you’ll measure each hinge location- always measure from the top of the door down to the top of the hinge plate.

Measure The Door Hardware

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Now, you’re ready to measure for the door hardware… from the top of the door to the center of the door handle (on the side profile).

Choose a New Door

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Now that you have all of your measurements, you can move onto the fun part… choosing a new door style.

Choosing Quality Hardware

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A good heavy and aesthetically pleasing hardware can compensate for a less than ideal door style.

I know this was a long thorough post, but I hope it’s helpful someday if you find yourself ordering and replacing interior doors- the prep work is the most time consuming!