How to Find & Shop Home Estate Sales

There are few things I enjoy more than perusing the contents of someone else’s home in hunt of designer pieces, interesting objects, or beautiful home decor.

An Estate Sale

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If you’ve never attended an estate sale… it’s exactly what it sounds like: a home or estate, in which mostly everything is for sale.


Best Estate Sales

 You’re most likely on the hunt for things that match your personal aesthetic, and craftsmanship or quality expectations. Find the homes that align with your personal preferences.

Shop at An Estate Sale

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It’s honestly a simple process or concept. I did receive a lot of questions pertaining to timing, prep, and sale tags, so I’m answering those…

Negotiate at Estate Sales

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If you’re an early bird, you can try bundling items for a discount, but usually- they’re priced as marked.

Estate Sale Etiquette

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Believe it or not- there is an unwritten estate sale etiquette code that should be respected. Believe me- you do not want to be THAT person.

I hope this post helps give you a confidence boost when attending your next (or first) estate sale!