Faux Reeded Glass Window DIY


As I was looking at our reeded glass cabinets, I wondered if I could replicate that look with the existing basement window. Use water for latex paints, and mineral spirits for oil based paints.

Clean the window

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Clean the window really thoroughly. I just used Windex and made a couple passes, making sure to get the edges really good.


Measure windows

Next, you’ll measure your windows and cut the material to size, PLUS one extra inch lengthwise and widthwise.

Install the backing material

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Spray the window with soapy water. Peel the backing off the material 25% downward, lining up the factory edge in one corner.

Smooth the material

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Once it’s aligned, use the squeegee from top to bottom, pressing the solution out of the edges, until no bubbles remain.

Cut excess material

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Cut the excess material away from the edges. You should only need to trim two edges since you aligned the material in one corner.

I know many of you messaged saying you’ve been wanting to attempt this quick project, so hopefully these instructions and my experience will come in handy.