DIY Upholstered Bed

Without giving away too much of our guest bedroom, we finished the upholstered bed and I’m SO happy with how it turned out. As promised, I photographed the entire process to create a tutorial for you.

Determine your headboard shape, then cut it to size

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After some careful measuring, I determined the size and shape I wanted the new headboard to be.


Assemble the headboard

Emmett cut out an outline of the headboard, knowing that we’d glue and nail it to the backside…

Adhere the batting to the board

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I dug out some very old Super 77 to spray on the particle board to help hold the batting in place.

Cut off the excess batting

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Once the batting is totally stuck and secure, you can begin trimming the excess, around the perimeter.

Prep your fabric

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Prep your fabric by making sure it is facing the appropriate direction, determine the pattern, and scale everything out.

Staple the fabric to the headboard

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We began stapling at the top of the headboard and worked our way to the edges.

Cut off the excess fabric

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Once the fabric is stapled to the headboard, clean up the backside by cutting off any excess fabric.

Move onto upholstering the rails

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The rails are very quick and easy to upholster. Following the same steps, staple the fabric to the rail.

Attach the dust cover

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Once all of your fabric has been stapled, it’s time to add the black dust cover for a clean, finished look.

Assemble the bed

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Once all of our pieces had been upholstered, we reassembled the bed- reattaching the rails and the new headboard.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on our new guest bed! I’m incredibly happy with how it came together.