Design Eye Training : 117

The most recent Design Eye Training post I shared was last spring, so we’re definitely due for a fun session! This is my 17th post in the series and today we’ll be analyzing & admiring a beautiful bedroom, perfectly fit for December.

Bedroom Interior Analysis

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I think the color palette is what makes this room feel festive and fit for the holidays- like a Scottish getaway.


Mismatched bedside tables

The maximalist styling also makes this room feel extra cozy and interesting. Each surface are stacked the brim, perfectly imperfect and casually executed.

The desk

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Next to the lighting, the wood furniture is perhaps my favorite thing in the room… specifically the desk and campaign chest.


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I adore the layered lighting, vintage artwork, gilded frames, oversized branch arrangement, and lived in approach to this dark green bedroom.

What did you notice about this bedroom? Was there anything specific you noted that you’d like to translate to your own home this season?