Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024

I’ve been curating my High / Low Series for a couple years now, and there are some incredible finds to be shared! Click through for my best designer home decor dupes for 2024…

Bronze Sconce

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A Visual Comfort look alike… I’d be interested to see how the budget version looks in person!


Brass Sconce

The similarity comes from the swooping sconce arm and subtle tapered shade. These both feel timeless to me.

Slipcovered Swivel Chair

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I have two of the high slipcovered swivel chairs in my formal living room and absolutely love them. The budget version looks almost identical.

Metal Accent Table

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A small accent table is one of the easiest pieces to style- I can always find a place for something like this! Use it next to seating or as a plant stand.

Beaded Dinnerware

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I shared the budget version of this beaded dinnerware in my recent post, 15 best home decor finds from Target for 2024. I own a set of the high version, though.

I’d be happy to help you hunt for a similar, alternative option. Let me know in the comment section below!