40 Sculptural & Classic Terracotta Vases to Style in Your Home


This earthy, textural, and classic material is one of the most versatile for interior styling. Click through for a really good roundup and inspiration…

If you’re hunting for an easy or beginner sewing project this winter- or for your holiday decor… this cozy faux fur lumbar pillow is one to save and try!

My Decor Items...

Faux Fur Material

...and more.

Styling Tips & Ideas

Setup Your Workspace


- Style with branches - Use for sculptural shelf styling - Centered on a coffee table


Cleaning the Vases

I just use simple soap and water… I’ll spray or wipe them down if they’re dusty or really dirty.

I pretty much enjoy all terracotta, in regards to interior and exterior decor. I would love an oversized floor vase or more giant outdoor planters. Anything big and old, ha!

Terracotta Dream

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m headed home from New Orleans this evening and have a fun hotel tour to share with you on Wednesday…