10 Pro Painting Tips (+ A Giveaway)


Over the years, I’ve picked up a lot of professional paint tricks and thought it might be helpful to share my favorites with you. Maybe your future paint projects can benefit from some of my tips!

Choose The Right Tools

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You should consider the nap, roller width, and knit to determine what texture works for your project. I would rather spend money on high-quality tools that last and give me the best outcome.


Take the Time to Prep

While scraping, sanding, caulking, and cleaning isn’t nearly as fun as painting a beautiful color on your wall, it is a necessary part of the process.

Always Swatch Your Paint

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The direction your room faces, the lighting, and even your existing decor will influence how a paint color looks in your home.

Cut In With Crisp, Clean Lines

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To achieve a clean, crisp line you’ll need a good brush designed for trim. I recommend the Purdy Clearcut brush…

Avoid Brush Marks

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If you’re painting anything that needs a super smooth finish, grab a Nylox brush. These brushes are perfect for smooth interior projects.

Get Comfortable and Don’t Rush

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Painting is not the home improvement step to rush. The best paint jobs are thoughtful and calculated.

Finish One Wall Before Moving Onto the Next

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Maybe this tip is obvious, but I always recommend finishing one wall completely before moving onto the next.

Invest in a Good Drop Cloth

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I’d encourage you to buy a heavy cotton or canvas drop cloth that can be reused time and time again.

Keep Your Tools Clean

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A key to keeping brushes (and even rollers) clean is to use a cleaning tool. Use water for latex paints, and mineral spirits for oil based paints.

Take Care of Your Tools

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Since we just chatted about cleaning, once your brush has air dried- you should store it properly. Don’t throw away the original brush packaging.

I hope this post will be helpful if you have upcoming paint projects! Did you learn anything new?