10 Ideas for Styling Garland


I thought it would be fun to share some garland styling inspiration, because in my opinion- garland is one of the easiest and most versatile types of greenery you can buy for the holiday season.

Over Artwork

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It can really emphasize a vignette and frame out artwork nicely… bonus points if you hang a vintage French horn on the corner or try an asymmetric arrangement.


On a Range Hood

Obviously you have to be smart and can’t dangle the garland low enough to catch fire on your cooktop, but there is no harm in installing it in the kitchen, like pictured above.

Over a Window

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Much like artwork, it’s fun to add texture & greenery to areas by framing windows. I frame each kitchen window in an effort to make the space feel more festive.

On the Dining Table as a Centerpiece

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You can tuck in taper candles, florals, dried orange slices, ribbon, or whatever you please to add interest and develop a color palette.

Over a Curio  Cabinet

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Garland has the ability to perfectly emphasize a vignette, while bringing a cozy feel to the room.

On the Mantel

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You never would have guessed how much I was scrambling behind the scenes to find a mantel for this shoot, having just moved to a new state.

On a Credenza, Dresser, or Sideboard

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Don’t forget to use dressers, credenzas, sideboards, or a dining buffet as surfaces for a garland moment. Personally, I adore this look!

On a Bookcase or Built-In

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I also enjoy adding garland to bookcases or built-ins for added texture. This makes a great backdrop to add in wreaths, as well!

Above Cabinetry

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I like installing greenery above cabinetry… especially if you have super tall cabinets, stacked cabinetry, or cabinets you don’t use often.

On a Stair Railing

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I’m thinking our staircase will not be done in time for me to install my beloved garland for Christmas, but I’ve got big plans & hopes for it next holiday season!

I hope this post was helpful as you begin brainstorming for the holidays and begin to pull out your decor.