Wispy Pine Needle Arrangement DIY


I’ve been pulling together the same pine needle arrangement for the past years and it’s truly the easiest centerpiece to style for the holiday season and winter months. Click through for my process!

Pine Needle Sprays

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I’ll begin by saying- no faux greenery, florals, sprays, picks, branches, or garland looks nice straight from the box.


Tape on Vessel

You’ll start by making a tape grid on the top of your vessel. It’s as easy as it looks… make 2-3 vertical lines with the tape, then repeat with 2-3 horizontal lines.

Fluff the Branch

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Now you can grab your first branch and fluff! I try to bend the branches as you’d find them in nature. They should look organic for a realistic effect.

Add More

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Keep adding more branches until you’ve reached your desired result. Once they’re all set in the tape grid, you can further manipulate the wispy pine branches.

I hope this post inspires you to create something fun this holiday season! I love floral arranging and these types of centerpieces act as sculptural art.