Traditional Neutral Gallery Wall Picks

It was a beautiful day. Today, I wanted to share some classic art picks for curating a traditional and neutral gallery wall. Click through for some pretty art picks!

If you’re hunting for an easy or beginner sewing project this winter- or for your holiday decor… this cozy faux fur lumbar pillow is one to save and try!

Neutral Framed Artwork Selections...

Faux Fur Material

...and more.

How to Curate a Gallery Wall

Setup Your Workspace


-Choose a common denominator. -Begin collecting pieces. -Create a visual plan or layout. -Things to consider while planning. -Install the Gallery Wall.

Gallery Wall Pairings

Setup Your Workspace


See how Jordan repeated two landscapes below? Those moments in a larger gallery are always a good idea for cohesion and a common thread!

I hope this post was helpful if you’re planning a gallery wall. Thanks for bearing with me this week as things have been hectic and busy!