Tips for Growing & Caring for Boxwoods

After sharing some peeks of our fresh front yard, I received a few questions about the boxwoods he had planted. I thought it may be helpful to share our best tips for growing & caring for boxwoods.


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Boxwoods are susceptible to root diseases and rot, which means adequate drainage is necessary. Avoid planting them in wet or low-lying areas.



Boxwoods make excellent container plants- they add beautiful texture, color, and a sculptural element that can easily be moved around. Opt for a container that is as wide as the boxwood is tall.


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Boxwoods require regular watering…. if you receive less than one inch of rainfall per week, you should definitely consider setting up irrigation, a soaker hose, or plan to water each boxwood by hand.


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Boxwoods are also prone to nitrogen deficiency, so if you notice leaves that are beginning to yellow or leaf fall out- it may be wise to perform a soil test.


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Many people recommend pruning in late fall or early winter, but for our Winter Gem species, they actually do best with early spring pruning.

I hope this post was helpful if you also have boxwoods or plan to plant them in the future!