Mantel Styling Tips + 5 Looks

I felt like getting creative, so I decided to restyle the mantel. Click through for my mantel styling tips, along with 5 different looks! Feel free to pin them or save them for later, if you’d like.

Layered Mantle Styling

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I opted for a few book stacks, a pillar candle in a hurricane, a simple vase, and some florals. Easy and sophisticated!


Simple Mantel Styling with Books

Books are the easiest way to style a mantel… and they’re great if you’re short on space. Simple piles can be pretty effective in creating visual interest.

Sculptural Mantle Styling

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I love sculptural objects and the mantel is a great place to display unique finds and treasures from traveling.

Minimal Mantle Styling

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A centered sphere, books, a magnifying glass, and a favorite candle for summer is sometimes all it takes.

Modern Mantle Styling

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I wanted to create an option that felt more modern… which typically isn’t my preferred style here at home. It honestly had me craving fall with those hues!

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to mix things up in your own home (and you have a fireplace), try restyling the mantel.