Keywords to Use When Searching for Large Vintage Rugs

I wanted to share some of my go-to keywords or search terms for scoring the BIG ones with deep discounts from places like Ebay and Etsy.

Keywords To Use

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Eventually you’ll catch on to what each keyword means and looks like. They’re typically associated with a specific rug style or origin.


Vintage vs Antique Rugs

Antique refers to 100 years or more, vintage is older (20+ years old), and you never know what you’ll get using “old” as your age defining keyword.

Carpet vs Rug Search Term

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You can also leave off carpet and / or rug entirely for an even wider search result… just be prepared to sort or filter.

Places to Shop for Inexpensive Vintage Rugs

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- Ebay - Etsy - Online Auctions

I hope this post was helpful! I grabbed that cute image above from Jordan, if you recognized cute Margo (vintage rugs are pet friendly, too!).