How to Turn Inexpensive Framed Art Into Custom Artwork

I’ve been hunting for vintage pieces with no luck on the size I needed, so I decided to make my own. Click through for my easy tutorial and for some inspiration!

If you’re hunting for an easy or beginner sewing project this winter- or for your holiday decor… this cozy faux fur lumbar pillow is one to save and try!

My Decor Items...

Faux Fur Material

...and more.

Inspiration for Each Style

Setup Your Workspace


- Anything abstract - Anything textural - Landscape paintings - Geometric works



- Painter's tape - Brush set - Matte medium - Acrylic paints

Tape the Frame

Setup Your Workspace


First, you’ll want to tape the frame. Unless you’re able to detach the art from the frame- this is the easiest way to ensure the frame stays clean.

Prime the Canvas

Setup Your Workspace


I was totally out of gesso- so my plan was to either use white, gray, or black paint… depending on the color palette.

Begin Painting & Layering

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I began by blocking out the basic shape and landscape, then layered on the paint as I mixed up different colors…

Apply Texture

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This adds a giclée type texture to the surface, giving it an artist enhanced look and dimension.

Rather than waiting for each layer to dry, I try to work quickly- blending as I go. I also keep my mattie medium (extender) handy,.

Abstract Painitng Tips

I’m looking forward to sharing the basement media room reveal with you soon- we’re just waiting on one last thing to arrive and I’ll be ready to photograph it….