How to Make DIY Pressed Flower Wall Art

If you’re looking for a fun and affordable flower project this season (that doubles as home decor), click through for my step-by-step tutorial and styling tips!


Setup Your Workspace


-Fresh florals -A floral press -Archival glue -Paint brush


Foraging & Collecting Florals

It’s best to find different sizes, fresh flowers, flowers with different textures, tiny or small flowers, and be sure to experiment with different type of flowers.

Floral Presses

Setup Your Workspace


Floral presses are an easy way to facilitate this hobby, but books also work. If I needed more weight, I’d stack more books on top of the one that contained my florals.


Setup Your Workspace


Part of the fun of pressing florals is arranging them. I use a variety of paper sizes, and composing my stems is always my favorite part of the process.


Setup Your Workspace


Take the dry flowers, and gently paint the backside with your glue. Position them with tweezers onto your paper in your preferred composition.

Like any work of art, the sun can do damage over time. If you’d like to keep them looking nice for years to come, paying a little extra for archival quality products usually worth it for sunny spaces.