How to Install a Hidden Kitchen Trash Can

I love a hidden pull-out trash can. Today, I wanted to share how to install a hidden kitchen trash can! Click through for this easy concealed upgrade…

Two Types of Hidden Kitchen Trash Cans

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- one that attaches to the cabinet door - one that attaches to the bottom of the cabinet itself


Measure & Order the Best Fit 

You’ll need to measure your cabinet and determine which concealed trash option is best for your kitchen based on the size, function, and budget!

Installation Steps

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The first step is to remove the cabinet door. It makes it easier to install the pull out frame.

Figure the frame placement

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We nudged ours to the left a little to avoid catching the cabinet hinges.

Attach cabinet bottom

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Once we had the frame in a good position, we attached it to the cabinet bottom with four screws- one for each corner.

Affix the base

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Permanently affixed the based to the frame. Unfold the frame and snapped on the pull bar.

We put the waste basket into place, added a bag, and reattached the cabinet door. This project took less than 10 minutes to install and was super easy.